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Article provided by: Phobia Factory

Atrox Factory

Atrox Factory

While it may not be Halloween just yet, anytime is a perfect time to start scoping out the perfect haunted houses to enjoy this fall. Many of these start opening their doors in late September. This is perfect for those who enjoy a good scare, even if it isn’t October. Places like Atrox Factory, which is one of the biggest haunted houses in Alabama, is one such attraction. The Phobia Factory, one of the attractions that can be enjoyed at Atrox, is arguably the most popular.

What Is The Phobia Factory?

The Phobia Factory operates under the phrases “face your fears” and “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This attraction is geared towards pitting people up against the things that scare them the most. No matter what irrational fear you may have, Phobia Factory is sure to be able to accommodate. It is made up of several different rooms, each one dedicated to a certain phobia. This attractions also prides itself on being family-friendly, so they offer daytime hours of operations for those who would like to bring children.

The Phobias

Each room found in Phobia Factory is tailored to showcase a specific phobia, and it is almost guaranteed that at least one room will make you jump out of your skin no matter what your individual fears may be. These rooms contain spooks from clowns and snakes to spiders and dogs. There are other, more psychological fears, put on display such as the fear of death and fear of tight spaces. Other phobias found include the fear of rats, roaches, storms, swamps, hospitals, and many more.

When Does Phobia Factory Open?

The Phobia Factory opens its doors on September 27 and can be found in Columbiana, Alabama. Tickets for Phobia Factory are twenty dollars and the other two attractions, Vertigo Vortex and House of Illusions, can be enjoyed for just over seven dollars. However, purchasing a ticket to all three attractions is only twenty-eight dollars. For those who do not want to have to wait in line, there is a speed pass available for twenty-five dollars. Those who purchase this ticket get to skip the line, and are likely to enter the factory as soon as they arrive. It is important to note that buying the speed pass will keep you from having to buy the general admission ticket.

Going Through The Factory

The Phobia Factory is considered a self-guided haunted house, so groups are able to go through at their own pace. The site predicts that visitors will spend anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes in the factory. However, keep in mind that the Phobia Factory “experience” will start once you get out of your car, so be cautious. While the crowds are not too big during the first few weeks, it will get more crowded as it gets closer to Halloween. For those wanting to know more about The Phobia Factory, you can visit the website phobiafactory.com to seek out more information, or purchase tickets.

Atrox Factory
Phobia Factory
Atrox Factory
455 Hwy 70
Columbiana AL 35186

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