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Christian Debate

Christian Debate

Christforums is an online community where you can share your religious thoughts within a Christian debate. Our members, along with our staff, share the same goal to educate our visitors and to clarify any of their doubts. Our purpose is to share the true Word of God among those who seek it.

Can I join a religious forum?

If you commit to respect our policy rules, you are more than welcome to join our community. We strive for everyone to be able to join our conversation. However, if your ideologies reside within the beliefs of what we describe as a cult (Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or any other non-Nicene and non-Biblical heresy) then, this might not be the right forum for you to share your beliefs.

Our forum’s principles reside within the orthodox Protestant community, so we do not endorse posts that share heretical or apostate opinions. As our foundation, we strongly encourage all our new and existing members to keep fellowship in mind. This forum lets you connect with other Christian folks, allowing you to form a mutually beneficial Christian relationship, just like the New Testament says we should do.

Debate religious ideas

We want you to join us in debating all the questions and thoughts that you and others might have about religion, but you must be mindful of the real intention behind your publications. It is our goal to only offer content that is reflective of our spirit of Christian maturity.

Also, you should always be truthful when spreading God’s message, especially when in a Christian debate. Investigate what you are writing about first, and only then make your respectful assumptions about it.

What religion was the United States founded on?

Most of the founding fathers of America were active in their local churches. Most experts and researchers have found evidence that the nation was born out of Protestant principles. This is one example of a topic that you can discuss at our forum by starting a debate. Someone, either from our staff or one of our members, will provide you and the community, with more insight about the United States religious background.

Spread the Word of God

When you engage in a debate, there are some things to consider. Not only should you be able to adequately defend your faith, but you should also be conscious of it. Before engaging in any debate, you must ask yourself what you believe in and why. Every Christian must have the knowledge and personal insight to be able to explain his faith in Jesus Christ to others, defending it against all types of lies and attacks.

We are positive that you will be an amazing addition to our community, and we hope that you embrace and spread a more truthful message about God’s work. At Christforums, your registration will be simple, secure, and free. Join our Christian community forum today and initiate your first Christian debate.

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