Print Linen Rentals in the Mid South, Arkansas, Louisianna, Tennessee

Chevron/Print Linens

All of our linens; monochromatic, crushes, embroidered, polys, chevrons and shantungs are exclusively made for Party Time.  They are available in a variety of sizes; squares, rounds, table runners, chair sashes and covers.   Schedule a visit to our showroom to see the wide selection for yourself, and if per chance you don’t find exactly what you want, please let us know.  We can get it for you!


photo 3.a

A selection of chevron linens

custom 1

Do you need a psychedelic theme from the 60’s?

custom 2

Come on….Certainly we have linens with gaming themes!

custom 3

Colorful, rich and textured provides a striking foundation for your tableware

custom 4

Elaborate and coordinated