OY2A3386The old wisdom that compensation is more important than appreciation is beginning to prove itself to be out of date. More than ever, employees are citing the importance of a good relationship with their boss and frequent recognition as two of the most motivating qualities of workplace culture.

Forbes found that over 80% of the organizations they studied suffered from a lack of employee recognition, and most importantly, those same organizations consistently underperformed in the marketplace compared to the 20% that offered robust employee recognition programs.

What Kind of Event Should You Throw?

But where to get started? The fact that you’re already looking to make an improvement shows that you’re a good leader. However, there’s a broad range of philosophies on how to throw employee appreciation events.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Food

There is an old military proverb that says, “an army marches on its stomach.”

Sharing a meal is the oldest form of bonding, and making a meal is the oldest form of gift-giving.

Providing a catered lunch or dinner to your employees – preferably something extremely fun and tasty – can trigger real enthusiasm and loyalty in both you and your company.

Plus, it’s easy to rent tents, tables, chairs, and have our crew set them up for you. Bringing us in allows your staff to feel noticed, appreciated, and applauded.

Bring the Whole Family

You can also bridge the gap between work-family and actual-family by hosting an event your employees can bring their kids to.

Thingslike jousts, laser tag mazes, bouncy castles, mini-golf, and even network gaming can really add to the fun and excitement of a family friendly, competitive atmosphere.

With these kinds of options, you can easily pull together a work carnival that will allow your employees and their families to cut loose, work up a sweat, and get a little sunshine too.

The Best Way to Say Thank You

Your company works hard for you, so show them what their company can do for them. What separates it from the pack, what gives their work meaning and brings a smile to their face.

If you’re in Arkansas and looking to throw an employee appreciation event and need tents, tables, chairs, entertainment, and helpful staff, reach out Party Time Rental and Events today for a consultation.